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Stonil (For Kidney Stone)


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Stonil (For Kidney Stone)

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Description and Benefits:

Stonil is an herbal capsule manufactured by VHCA Herbals. It contains herbs well known for their ability to improve the functioning of the diseased kidneys and acts as a tonic for the entire urinary system. Stonil is a unique herbal capsule which is generally prescribed to patients of kidney stones. It helps in quick and successful removal of the gravels from the urinary tract and the kidney, saving the patient from any surgical or invasive procedures. It protects liver and kidney, the two vital organs, from various disorders with its uniqueformula.

Stonil breaks down kidney stones into small pieces and expels them through urine. Usually stones up to 10 millimetre (mm) in size are eliminated within few days of therapy, but if size of the stone is more than 10mm, longer treatment duration may be required.



Each 500gm contain Extracts of

Common Name (Latin Name)


Varuna (Crataevanurvala)

150 mg

Gokharu (Tribulusterrestris)

100 mg

Kutki (Gentianakurroo)

50 mg

Kasni (Cichoriumendivia)

100 mg

Punarnava (Boerhaaviadiffusa)

50 mg

What Research Says

What Research Says:

Experimental studies have shownthat Stonil effectively prevents the deposition of stone forming elements in the urinary bladder. It dissolves phosphate type of calculi. During the study, itnot only prevented the formation of bladder stone, but also reduced the size of the pre-formed stones in the kidneys. It is helpful in dissolving kidney stones, facilitating their smooth passage, and reducing the associated pain.It is a very good diuretic and has soothing effect on the urinary tract membrane which makes it effective in most urinary tract disorders and removal of kidney stones. It is also found to be effective in protecting kidneys, halting bleeding, and nourishing and strengthening the kidneys.


Frequently Asked Question :

Q: What are different types of kidney stones?

A: There are different types of kidney stones categorised based on their composition. The kidney stones are majorly composed of oxalate, uric acid, and phosphate.

Q: What are the side effects associated with Stonil ?

A: Stonil is an herbal preparation withno known side effects.

Q: Can this medicine be used for treating any other disease?

A: The main action for this medical preparation is to dissolve and eliminate kidney stone. However, it can be used to treat non-specific urinary tract infections (UTIs) and burning micturition. It is an effective diuretic and thus can be used to relieve oedema. You are advised to consult an ayurvedic physician before using Stonil .

Q: For how long can this medication be used?

A: This preparation can be used till your stone has been eliminated from the kidneys or as per your physician’s recommendation.

Q: Are there any precautions to be taken with this medication?

A: According to Ayurveda following are the do’s and don’ts for patients of kidney stone:

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Weight(gm) -shipping 100.0000
Botanical Name For Kidney Stone
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Do & Donts

  • Do’s(Prefer):Old rice, barley, kulthi, green gram, ginger, white guard, melon, drum sticks, and leafy vegetables
  • Don’ts(Avoid):Black gram, brinjal, spinach, tomato, incompatible or heavy diet, food which is constipating or acidic, suppression of natural urges, and lack of exercise