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Quality Control

To ensure only quality is delivered every time, Every batch goes under some compulsary and random tests such as:

a.) Identification of the plant /part of the plant by Macroscopic & Microscopic examination.
b.) Compulsary tests for products like like Arogyavardhani, Chandraprabha, Gold containing products.
c.) Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer random batch test for heavy metal toxity.
d.) Tests for common parameters like Ash, Acid insoluble Ash, Loss-on-Ignition
e.) Thin layer Chromatography

All thease tests ensure that the package you recive dosen't contains any Lead, Mercury and hazardous foreign matter.  

GMP Certified
All listed Medincines are produced in manufacturing units certified under Good Manufacturing Practice for Pharmaceuticals Guidelines.

Upon receiving a order if you are still disatisfied with the product quality. You can share your concern with us on info@aurvedacart.in

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